Classical 60-inch Bathroom Vanity Cabinet, Marble Bathroom Cabinet
Waterfall Bathroom Faucets
Waterfall Bathroom Faucets
Waterfall Bathroom Faucets
Waterfall Bathroom Faucets

● The main cabinet vanity is made of oak wood and very durable for usages for dozens of year peace of mind.
● The cabinet countertop is made of solid elegant natural marble stone.
● The bathroom cabinet vanity is packaged with a stylish wall mounted bathroom framed mirror.
● Traditional hand-engraving craftsmanship is adopted to produce the cabinet vanity, being delicate and art.
● The cabinet vanity is designed and made with 8 drawers for storage, very big storage capacity.

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MOQ: 1 Set
Production Capacity: 2,000 Sets
Port: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A.

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  • Specifications
    Model No.: HG-Y6915
    Main Cabinet Dimensions: L1500xW600xH850 mm (59x23.6x33 inches)
    Framed Mirror Dimensions: L1300xW40xH820 mm (51x1.6x32 inches)
    Wooden Material: Oak
    Cabinet Painted Colour: Classical Brown
    Counter Top Material: Natural Marble
    Marble Color: Yellow Root Grain Jade
    Basin/Sink Material: Ceramics (Under Mounted)
    Basin/Sink Colour: Pure White
    Package Quantity: 1 Set
    Tap or Faucet Type: Based on customer’s choice (Not Included)
    Drainage Outlet: Downward Drainage Outlet (Not Included)
    Installation Method: Floor Stand Cabinet and Wall Mounted Mirror
    Usages: Bathroom or Restroom
    Warranty Description: Limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    The HOMURG HG-Y6915 Carved European Style Classical Brown 60-inch Bathroom Vanity Cabinets are made of oak wood, natural marble countertop and fully glazed ceramics basin or sink. The stylish design can fit with most European style bathroom decorations. The detailed materials and craftsmanship are as below:
    Solid Elegant Natural Marble Stone Counter Top
    The counter top of the bathroom cabinet or vanity is made of natural marble stone, which is elegant and solid to add the perfect finishing touch to complete this distinctive cabinet or vanity.
    Easy to Clean Pure White Under-Mount Ceramics Sink or Basin
    The ceramics sink or basin creates a sleek surface and makes cleaning to be easy. Without corners and grooves, it is very easy to reach for cleaning. And the sink or basin is mounted under the marble counter top.
    High-grade Oak Wooden Cabinet/Vanity
    The main cabinet/vanity is made of oak wood and very durable for usages for dozens of year peace of mind, which is better than these cheap plywood cabinets or vanities.
    Wall Mounted Bathroom Framed Mirror
    The bathroom cabinet or vanity is matched with a stylish wall mounted bathroom framed mirror.  The mirror is made of mercury without copper, being high-definition image and no blackness for ten years.
    Eco-friendly Oil Painting Finish Craftsmanship
    The use of advanced paint coating technology ensures the quality of the cabinet and the presence of the vanity is more delicate, layered. The customers basically do not have to worry about the bathroom cabinet will be worn out and the color will be dim after a long time of usages.
    And the cabinet or vanity is painted by eco-friendly oil, giving off less volatile substance and keeping internal room healthy for living.
    Elegant Carving Craftsmanship
    Using traditional hand-engraving craftsmanship, it avoids the staleness and rigidity of the cabinet carved out by the machine. The mature craftsmanship of the craftsman makes the carved vanity be delicate and vivid, and truly achieves the perfect combination of skill and art culture, so that each cabinet has become art for household living.
    Large Storage Capacity with 8 Drawers
    The cabinet vanity is designed and made with 8 drawers for storage. It is very large to keep bathroom collections and items. The users will not be worried about the storage capacity in the bathroom.

    What’s included?
    1 x Main Bathroom Cabinet Vanity
    1 x Natural Marble Counter Top
    1 x Pure White Ceramics Basin/Sink
    1 x Bathroom Framed Mirror
    Note: The counter top is made of natural marble, which will be a little different from the displayed photo in detail. You will get the ONLY one Marble Counter Top in the world.

  • How to Install HOMURG HG-Y6915 Bathroom Cabinet Vanity?

    The HOMURG bathroom cabinet vanity must be installed by professional construction installer. The detailed installation instructions are as below:
    Step 1: Locate the place where the cabinet vanity will be kept in bathroom (Please make sure the floor is level).
    Step 2: Fix the marble counter top on the cabinet and adjust it to the correct position.
    Step 3: Install faucet or tap, and fix downward drainage outlet tightly by fitting the seal ring on the sink/basin.
    Step 4: Locate the position where the framed bathroom mirror will be installed and mark the signs of mounted holes on the wall.
    Step 5: Pouch the holes on the correctly marked places by impact drill. And fit plastic bolts into the holes. Then put screws into the holes to fix the framed bathroom mirror on the wall.
    Step 6: Move the completed cabinet vanity to the wall tightly.
    Step 7: Try it to find whether there is any loose or water leakage. If not, then fix glass glue on the gap between the counter top and wall. Now the HOMURG bathroom cabinet vanity is ready for usages in around 3 days after drying.
    Required installation parts or tools for above procedures are as below:
    Parts: Sealing rubber ring, sealant, water pipe, copper ring, faucet or tap, two hot and cold water inlet hoses, screws, rubber stopper, basins, etc.
    Tools: Impact drill, screwdriver etc.
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