Wall Hung Bathroom Basin, Ceramics Wall Mount Sink
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● Quality construction wall-mounted sink/basin by modern design, suiting well for bathroom or restroom design style.
● Made of Vitreous china, and surface treatment by fully glazed ceramics.
● Front rectangle sink/basin bowl, saving space for bathroom or restroom.
● The wall-hung sink or basin should be installed by professional construction installer.
● Easy to clean wall-mounted sink/basin: A sleek surface without corners and grooves, very easy to reach for cleaning.

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MOQ: 10 Sets
Production Capacity: 20,000 Sets
Port: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A.

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  • Specifications
    Model No.: HG-G067
    Item Weight: 25.6 KGS (56 LBS)
    Dimensions: 650x510x540 mm (25.6x20.1x21.3 inches)
    Materials: Vitreous china
    Colour: White
    Shape Style: Front Rectangle
    Finish: Glazed Ceramics
    Package Quantity: 1 Set
    Tap or Faucet Type: Based on customer’s choice.
    Drainage Outlet: Downward Drainage Outlet
    Installation Method: Wall Mounted
    Usages: Bathroom or Restroom
    Warranty Description: 5 year limited warranty on chinaware parts.

    The HOMURG HG-G067 Fully Glazed Ceramics Wall Hung Bathroom Basins are made of vitreous china and fully glazed ceramics, keeping clean very easily. The elegant design helps to save space for bathroom or restroom.
    Quality Construction Wall-mounted Sink or Basin
    The quality construction of HOMURG wall-hung sink or basin is with elegant modern design and craftsmanship to offer the best quality in styling and functionality.
    Easy to Clean Ceramics Sink or Basin
    The ceramics sink or basin creates a sleek surface and makes cleaning to be easy. Without corners and grooves, it is very easy to reach for cleaning.
    Wall Mounted to Save Space
    The bathroom or restroom sink/basin is installed by wall mounting, which helps to save space for the limited area in bathroom or restroom.

    In a word, the HOMURG HG-G067 Fully Glazed Ceramics Wall Hung Bathroom Basin is an elegant and space-saving sink for bathroom or restroom.
  • How to Install HOMURG HG-G067 Wall Mounted Sink or Basin?
    The HOMURG wall-hung sink/basin must be installed by professional construction installer. And it is suggested to install on suitable height according to users’ tallness. And the normal installed height is around 80 to 85 cm from the sink/basin surface to the floor.

    The Installation Instructions of Wall Mount Sink/Basin are as below:
    Step 1: Locate the place where the sink/basin will be kept on the wall in bathroom or restroom, especially the installation height, around 80-85 CM.
    Step 2: Measure the installation position by leveling instrument and mark the line by pen drawing.
    Step 3: Pouch the holes on the correctly marked places by impact drill. And fit plastic bolts into the holes. Then put screws into the holes for installations.
    Step 4: Then install the wall mounted sink/basin flatly on the places of holes and screws.
    Step 5: Fit the seal ring on the sink/basin drainage outlet tightly and then fix the sink/basin with the external drain outlet tightly.
    Step 6: Try it to find whether there is any loose or water leakage. If not, then fix glass glue on the gap between the sink/basin and wall. Now the HOMURG wall hung sink/basin is ready for usages in around 3 days after drying.
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