HOMURG Kitchen and Bath Limited (HOMURG Global) is a professional kitchen and bathroom supplier for global dealers or customers in the largest and comprehensive household manufacture industrial area, Guangdong China. HOMURG Global not only provides qualified kitchen and bath goods, but also does design and custom service for global customers.

HOMURG has been striving to improve the quality of household living environment and Human Development Index (HDI), especially for your kitchen and bathroom living area.

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    Full Range of Bathroom and Kitchen Products

    HOMURG Global supplies full range of bathroom and kitchen products for household living environment. The bathroom product range includes toilets, toilet seats, bidets, urinals, bathroom sinks, bathroom sink taps or faucets, bathtubs, showers, vanities, bathroom mirrors, plumbing parts and other bathroom accessories. The kitchen product range includes customized kitchen cabinets, kitchen cupboards, stainless steel kitchen sinks, kitchen faucets or taps, stainless steel dish racks, kitchen shelves, and trash cans etc.

  • Strong Design Team

    HOMURG Global kitchen and bathroom design team will work for all of customers with inspired ideas, professional design advice to you, perfect choice to meet your inspired requirements and the last decision made by you.

  • Powerful Customized Production Capability

    HOMURG has powerful customized production capability on kitchen cabinets, kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, and shower room for your designed kitchen or bathroom area.

  • Door to Door Shipping Service

    To save your time and labor, HOMURG Global will do door-to-door shipping services for customers free of mind in most countries or regions.

  • Associated Installation Support

    HOMURG Global has associated installation team in different cities or areas. It will charge you installation fees if done by our team. And you can DIY or contact local installation companies to do installation job for you.

  • One World, One Dream

    One World, One Dream, Better Life. HOMURG Global is ready for you!