HOMURG Bathroom Design & Custom Follows Up the Trend of Bath Development
07/23/2019 14:45:46

The bathroom space design and custom is a new trend of home decoration. HOMURG bathroom custom is a comprehensive improvement of bath design service capability, supply chain management, IT system construction and so on.

HOMURG Leads the Development of Bathroom Customization Industry
The HOMURG Global Marketing Team conducted a survey on the middle class of 3,000 users. The survey found that they need a comfortable, safe, clean and healthy house environment and luxury is not a major demand currently.
HOMURG began to develop the business of bathroom custom five years ago. Customization is a systematic transformation of the bath decoration. Enterprises need to find the needs of consumers. The bathroom custom has deep customization and simple customization currently. HOMURG proposed and made a one-stop shopping service on bath custom some years ago. The volume of bathroom custom is increasing constantly. At present, non-standard customized bath products are growing very fast, with a minimum increase of over 50% in the past 3 years. However, the business increase on bath custom has put pressure on production at the same time, which is a challenge we have to face and resolve.
HOMURG Global uses the bathroom custom thinking to make products. And the customization of bathroom is moving from the space that is just needed to the style of quality life, and also allows enterprises to upgrade from product manufacturers to sanitary solutions providers.
HOMURG bathroom customization is not only for the customization of the home bathroom, but also extends to the public bathroom and hotel bathroom customization. HOMURG Global enables high-quality custom-made bathroom products to reach consumers directly and enhance the quality of living.

HOMURG Bathroom Design and Custom Program
I. The bathroom custom and design is combination of Space Planning + Design + Customization + Products + Service. We must say goodbye to the original thinking of single product.
II. Adhere to the research of lifestyle and bathroom design.
III. Provide consumers with design consulting services.
IV. Build HOMURG brand in bathroom custom industry by custom strength and quality products.