HOMURG Will Participate in the 2020 Moscow HVAC Exhibition in Russia (AQUA-THERM MOSCOW)
07/25/2019 17:31:00

AQUA-THERM MOSCOW is held once a year and has been successfully held for 23 sessions.

Exhibition Time: February 11-14, 2020
Exhibition Venue: Moscow - Russia - Europe
Exhibition Industry: Bathroom Sanitary Wares, Heating and Cooling
Exhibition Hall: Crocus-Expo IEC, Moscow, Russia
Bathroom & Pool Products: Sanitary wares, bathroom equipment, pool equipment and accessories, public and private swimming pools, SPAS, sauna equipment, etc.

Wide Influences on Bathroom Sanitary Wares Industry:
The exhibition is one of the large and influential exhibitions in the heating, air-conditioning and sanitary fields in Russia and the entire CIS region. Aqua-Therm is a series of global exhibitions in Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Kazakhstan. The influence of the Aqua-Therm brand effect cannot be underestimated. In the 2019 exhibition, 770 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, which hosted 29,879 suppliers, trades and audiences from all over the world.

Huge Business Chances for Bathroom Sanitary Wares Dealers:
According to statistics, Russia will invest as much as $1 trillion in government investment in infrastructure in the next decade, including residential construction. As far as HVAC products are concerned, the import of plumbing equipment accounts for 67% of the total imports of building materials, which is related to the fact that there are more cold regions in Russia, large heating range and long heating time. In addition, Russia's electricity resources are abundant, and the government encourages electricity consumption. Therefore, the market demand for local electric heating products and heating power generation equipment is very huge. The purchasing power of the Russian market is equivalent to several Eastern European countries, and it also radiates around many neighboring countries. HOMURG will take part in the Russian HVAC Sanitary Ware Exhibition in 2020.

Welcome to talk about business with HOMURG Global in AQUA-THERM MOSCOW 2020!

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