Take Up Street Stores or Enter Hypermarkets in Kitchen and Bath Industry?
07/22/2019 23:15:00

According to the survey data of HOMURG Global Marketing Department, more than 70% of HOMURG local dealers believe that entering large home building materials malls can satisfy the desire of consumers to purchase one stop, which is one of the trends in the kitchen and bathroom industry. Entering home building materials hypermarkets is not a business strategy, but it is an action to cater to market development.

One-stop Shopping: Consumers Prefer to Go Shopping on Big Home Mall
HOMURG Global Marketing Department has found that more than 70% of HOMURG local dealers believe that entering a big home mall can satisfy the desire of consumers to buy one stop, and entering the big shopping mall is the trend of kitchen and bathroom industry development. HOMURG local distributors believe that home hypermarkets satisfying consumers' one-stop shopping is an absolute advantage. Entering a building materials hypermarket is not a business strategy, but a step to cater to market development.

One-stop shopping not only attracts consumers, but also allows kitchen and bathroom dealers to discover business opportunities.
First of all, consumers can not only buy kitchen cabinets and sanitary wares in large shopping malls, but also find other home building materials such as tiles and floors etc. The shopping environment of large shopping malls allows consumers to run multiple brands at a time, saving time and labor.
Secondly, the big shopping malls are warm in winter and cool in summer. So consumers will not be affected by the weather on the street stores.
Thirdly, the big shopping malls can provide special parking spaces and meals, which are not available along the street stores.
In addition, said by HOMURG local distributors, there are other advantages for dealers to sell in big home malls. Entering the big shopping malls can enhance their marketing skills. Stores can learn from each other, compete with each other, enhance their own strength, and can cross-border marketing with other types of home building materials such as ceramic tiles, sofa and other furniture.

Dealers Like to Do Marketing in Both Street Stores and Big Shopping Malls
Kitchen and bathroom selling along the street stores is obviously not as popular as it was 10 years ago. And kitchen and bathroom businessmen have quietly fallen in love with selling in the building materials hypermarket. The role of commercial concentrating area in kitchen and bathroom streets has been down and down. On the one hand, the emergence of a large number of building materials markets and home shopping malls having a huge impact on the traditional single storefront is inevitable. On the other hand, the convenience of one-stop shopping and the service guarantee system have made consumers more and more choice on home hypermarkets.
However, will the high rents in the hypermarkets reduce the enthusiasm of HOMURG local dealers? The survey data has found that the kitchen and bathroom distributors have considered this issue. But the enthusiasm for entering the hypermarkets is still so much. HOMURG local distributors which have been marketing along the street stores have generally begun to enter the building materials hypermarket.

HOMURG local dealers have been developing sales channel both in kitchen and bath street stores and large building materials malls, where different customers will go to place orders.