Our Design Team

HOMRG Global Design Team is composed of professional home interior designer. We are experienced in bathroom and kitchen design or renovation. The HOMURG Design Team is committed to supplying interior design consulting services to customers from different countries or regions. And we have been following international trends on bathroom and kitchen design.

  • Experienced Design Team

    HOMURG Design Team is experienced in bathroom and kitchen design, remodel or renovation. The team members are familiar with different design styles in different countries and we are good at design tools, such as CAD, 3D MAX, KD MAX, etc. Some ideal design drawings will be made for your references and choices by our experienced design team.

  • Powerful Customization Ability

    HOMURG Global has customized bathroom and kitchen for various types of houses in over 102 countries or regions around the world. HOMURG designers and workers will customize a unique bathroom or kitchen for customers according to the dimensions and style in the limited area room. And a wide choice of furniture, accessories, finishes and colors will be provided to develop a better bathroom or kitchen area for normal home livings by HOMURG.

  • Associated Installation Supports

    Associated installation service can be supplied for customers by HOMURG Global. And some installation fees will be made. Or the installation job can be assigned to related team by customers independently. However, the installation team must be experienced and professional since the installation job is crucial for the maintenance for long time.  

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